Monday, 7 December 2015

Deadpool PS4 Review

Deadpool PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Activision

2016 is going to be the year of Deadpool.

The smart-assed merc with a mouth is going to be a new film next year and Ryan Reynolds' performance is already a viral sensation.

As for the game, which has already been out on PS3, it's a schizophrenic game that gets elements of the character perfectly on point.

Embracing the meta elements of the comic where Deadpool breaks through the fourth wall of the comic book panels, this Deadpool also addresses the player through the screen.

The game is a hack and slash with some cartoon silliness - Deadpool's trying to pitch a video game of his own but ends up inadvertently threatening the employees of a game studio and finding himself thrown into an adventure involving the X-Men as well.

Mocking the gaming conventions, Deadpool (and his love for chimichangas) the game is a somewhat mixed bag.

While the self-referential talking works well and captures the vibe of Deadpool the person and the comic, the gaming ends up being somewhat repetitive. Running around shooting people with quips is relatively fun for the first 10 minutes or so, but the gameplay becomes stale as you jump around, quipping, shooting and collecting.

Chaining together combos gives you the chance to build a power meter which can be unloaded into your enemies; you've also got the ability to teleport from place to place too, if fights are getting too tricky. Collecting XP points allows you to open up the store and buy new weapons and moves etc, so there is some point to the continual collecting which takes place within the game.

There's plenty to amuse the more puerile elements of Deadpool's fanbase and it is good to see that the transition to video game has kept the character completely intact. Unfortunately, the game's longevity doesn't quite match the character's and depending on how far you are willing to let that slide to be part of Deadpool's world will see how long you want to keep the wise-cracking merc with a mouth on your console.


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