Sunday, 13 December 2015

Adventure Time: Jake and Finn Investigations: PS4 Review

Adventure Time: Jake and Finn Investigations: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Bandai Namco

The Adventure Time series is incredibly popular - and it's no surprise that yet another game has been released for the show.

This time around it's a real-time fully 3D orientated adventure game that features combat.

As well as solving puzzles and interacting, the game's fully concentrated on providing an experience for fans of the show.

It all kicks off in Jake and Finn's tree-house where the pair discover a ticker-tape machine that sends them on a series of adventures. Heading around the tree-house first though, you get a chance to get used to what's around and how to interact with the world they live in. It's a slow start to the game which takes a while to find its feet and also suffers from a little bit of tedium as it comes to the puzzle solving.

Once you're through those hoops though, the game opens up to more of an experience and a world that's worth diving into as you negotiate your way through various chapters within. There's also an additional chapter which will be the basis of downloadable DLC and gives players the chance to take on the persona and vampire abilities of Marceline.

Graphically, the game is up there with some of the best of its kind; it fully embraces the world it's emulating and the 3D edges give it a feel that's conducive to what it wants to achieve. As you wander around collecting items and presenting them to people when necessary, the game begins to open up and its ambitions stretch beyond its cartoon-like appearance.

While the start of the game is a little bogged down in mechanics and there's a glut of dialogue that simply has to be sat through, younger kids will get a kick out of the game and will likely be drawn into the story. Potentially, the older ones may get a little bored from time to time, but if you're willing to sit through it, Adventure Time: Jake and Finn Investigations is a solid game for the summer months.

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