Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Knock Knock: DVD Review

Knock Knock: DVD Review

Rating: R16
Released by Roadshow Home Ent

Mixing lust, paranoia and a healthy dose of what would you do, Eli Roth's Knock Knock follows Keanu Reeves' Evan and his night from hell.

Essentially a lucky man - husband, beautiful wife, good kids, Evan has it all. Staying home for a long weekend to work while his family goes away, his life is changed by a knock a the door in the middle of a storm.

Standing on his doorstep is two young women, drenched to the bone and doing the decent thing, Evan invites the lost duo in to get warmed up and phone a cab. But the pair seduce Evan despite his initial protestations - and soon one night could cost Evan everything.

Knock Knock is lurid and trashy and ultimately not particularly good.

The chamber piece is so OTT that it lacks any credibility of situation or drama; a fact not helped by Reeves' less than capable acting and a script that lacks any real bite preferring to pile on the hysterics rather than the psychological edge.

Sure, you could argue Eli Roth's gone for shocking and aimed for an ethical dilemma but the two girls are simply not up to scratch in anything other than looks and their subsequent cat and mouse games leave you feeling much less sympathy for anyone in their plight than you should. Perhaps if Roth had swathed the thing in a bit more subtlety, Knock Knock would have been more effective.

As it is, its torture horror ethos and OTT vibe badly cripples its intentions.

It's one Knock Knock joke that really does lack a decent punchline.


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