Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Best films of 2015

The Best films of 2015

It's fair to say that glancing back through the year, it's not been a vintage one for cinematic experiences.

Most have fallen into the middling category; not offensive films, but not massively enjoyable - which is in many ways, the worst experience to have at the movies. Films should move you, stir something in you and see you rise from your seat in ecstasy or agony.

That said, there's been some strong stuff out there this year - and here in no particular order - are some of the best,

1) The Ground We Won
2) Sicario

3) Creed
4) 99 Homes

5) Inside Out
6) A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
7) Mad Max Fury road
8) It Follows
9) Girlhood

10) The Martian
11) Song of The Sea
12) Cartel Land
13) Love and Mercy
14) Birdman
15) Foxcatcher

Here's hoping 2016 will be incredible!

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