Saturday, 26 December 2015

Fat Princess Adventures: PS4 Review

Fat Princess Adventures: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Sony

Let them all eat cake takes a new dimension in the Fat Princess Adventures.

Blending humour and a degree of side-scrolling, the Fat Princess Adventures game is all about humour and killing - even if it is wrapped up in a degree of cute.

Focussing more on the action RPG elements of a game, it's all about the smash and grab and the fun with friends as the story goes on. But it all starts with its tongue firmly in its cheek and bothers not a jot with story.

Beginning with the customise menu, where you get to make yourself fabulous. From hair to eyes, it's all here for the pickings and all aimed at getting you into the fun and games of it all. Once you start, it's all about the hack and slash as you progress through levels and swathes of baddies using your weapon to bash into them and to kill them off.

Each fallen baddie usually ends up giving you some cake to replenish your health and to fire up your awesome sauce meter. And some provide things for you to throw at others, so there's certainly enough around to keep you from dying off too soon.

Mainly though, despite the cartoony graphics and cutesy feel (mixed in with the hack and slash gore), Fat Princess Adventures is at heart, nothing more than a pastiche of the Gauntlet game that swallowed so much of my youth.

In its co-op mode, it's primarily about working with friends to take on the hordes of bad guys and get through the levels while looking for replenishment (just like Gauntlet). Online or with friends, the co-op is where the game comes to life and where the fun is in this game which is slightly repetitive and not entirely challenging.

All in all, Fat Princess Adventures is much like a piece of cake.

It's good to look at, seems cute, fun and fluffy enough, but once you've scoffed it all, you want something a little more nutritious to satiate your gaming appetite.

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