Friday, 11 December 2015

Win Fat Princess Adventures on PS4!

Win Fat Princess Adventures on PS4!

Let them all eat cake!

To celebrate Friday, I've got a nice little gift to give to you - a code for Fat Princess Adventures on PS4, thanks to the awesome guys at PlayStation!

Fat Princess Adventures on PS4
A cheeky, light-hearted humour is the order of the day in this comedy adventure. 

Go into battle with up to three friends in a quest to slay monsters, steal loot, rescue the princesses, gobble cake and defeat the evil Bitter Queen. 

Fat Princess Adventures is now available from PlayStation Store, but thanks to PlayStation New Zealand we have a copy to giveaway!

And to win all you have to do is one very simple thing which is easy to do if you're a princess! (Or not, I'm not discriminating)

To enter simply email to this address:  and in the subject line put CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE.

Please include your name and address and good luck!

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