Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Being Human Series 4: Blu Ray Review

Being Human Series 4: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by BBC And Roadshow Home Entertainment

Series 4 of Being Human was always going to be a difficult ask given that Aidan Turner's vampire Mitchell met his end.

So it's somewhat with a level of trepidation I approached these latest eight episodes of the series - it follows Annie, George and new friend Tom (This is England's Michael Socha) as they mourn the loss of Mitchell.

The body count's quite high as well within the first episode alone - with Sinead Keenan's Nina and original series member George meeting their makers. So that just leaves Annie and a baby Eve, who's got a prophecy hanging over its head.

However, Eve's very being attracts the interest of the Old Ones, an ancient league of vampires - and once again the group's on the run.

This series isn't as bad as you'd expect given only one third of the original group remains - but there is somewhat of a feeling that perhaps it could be time to wrap it all up and move on. That said, the introduction of new characters really gives the series the shake up it actually needed after the last couple had it wallowing somewhat in the melancholy rather than energetic and humorous.

The leads are watchable and the stories work well enough that you really care when the end comes around, which is emotional and gripping.

Whether a fifth season will work as well remains to be seen, but if it all ended now, it wouldn't be a bad thing.


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