Friday, 19 December 2014

Dr Who: Series 8: Blu Ray Review

Dr Who: Series 8: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by BBC and Roadshow Home Ent

The Doctor will see you now - but perhaps, you're not ready.

In this latest season, Peter Capaldi takes over from the relative zippyness of Matt Smith to bring a darker and slightly grumpier take on the Time Lord.

In this string of adventures, the Doctor's faced with a very old enemy, some old friends and a series of new stories (which are of varying quality). From the opener, Deep Breath to the closing Death in Heaven, there's plenty of scope this time around for difference.

Capaldi is scratchy, almost unlikeable as the Doctor, with his TimeLord spending most of the series pondering whether he's a good man or not; it's an interesting idea and one that certainly warrants exploration particularly given some of his actions throughout, with moments making him appear callous and cold. It's a shock to those who've appreciated the man as the enduring hobo with a love for humanity, but it's good to see the writers going elsewhere.

However, this series belongs to Jenna Coleman, whose Clara has a more interesting journey, and a narrative which is compelling and sees her open to a warmer writing and a more approachable nature. Sadly though a love interest thrust upon her doesn't quite hit the mark and doesn't hit the emotional high for what's needed come the end of the season.

Notable episodes are Listen, which sees Moffat go back to basics, Flatline which is really Coleman's tour de force and Dark Water which deliciously sets up a finale which doesn't quite deliver.

All in all, an interesting year for ideas but in the execution the TARDIS hasn't quite hit its mark. Year 2 of Capaldi's reign could be a very interesting one indeed.


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