Thursday, 18 December 2014

Game of Thrones: Fire and Ice: Episode 1: PS4 Review

Game of Thrones: Fire and Ice: Episode 1: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Telltale Games

It's to the world of Westeros we go for Telltale Games' latest TV based outing. (The last being the very successful Walking Dead series)

And once again, the studio proves that by dedicating its MO to storyline over any other kind of CGI shenanigans or slight of hand tricks, that there's gold to be had in the roleplaying elements of the series.

Using their tried and tested point and click way of gameplay, the series concentrates with the House of Forrester, a family not yet introduced in to the TV Series but mentioned very briefly in one of the novels, A Dance With Dragons.

Once again, choice is a relative illusion in these outings as every single decision you make has consequences; taking on the role of a squire Gared after witnessing the start of the events of The Red Wedding (to those spoiler phobes, this is not a game to appreciate without some knowledge of what's passed already). And herein lies some of the thrill of Game Of Thrones: Fire and Ice: Episode 1 - the way TV event from the show pass through and intersect, as well as characters.

In terms of look and feel, Game of Thrones doesn't quite have the graphical pull of the previous outings from Telltale Games - while it looks and plays like a Game of Thrones novel, the fact it looks more cartoony than previous outings (which were based on graphic novels and fables) gives the piece somewhat of an odd feeling. However, as ever with Telltale's MO, it's about atmosphere and story. And once again the studio's got it spot on.

The greatest success of Game of Thrones: Fire and Ice: Episode 1 is the way it effortlessly adds to the world of Westeros which you already know. Deepening the experience was never going to be easy, but given the twists and turns that this journey starts off on (best to be relatively unspoiled) it's fair to say future episodes are going to build on that world and totally engross you in the upcoming way it plays out.

I for one cannot wait.


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