Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Evil Dead Anthology: Review

The Evil Dead Anthology: Review

Rating: R18
Released by Madman

Collecting together the original trilogy and the 2013 re-imagining of the Evil Dead (filmed in Auckland), the anthology is the definitive set for films of Sam Raimi's cult classic - and is only being released in Australasia.

With Bruce Campbell as the hero of the piece, you pretty much know the story - possession of the woods, an army of darkness from skeletons and a chainsaw for an arm - it's all the trappings of a cult and it's endured for years.

Pulling together the films onto Blu Ray and throwing in 3 extra DVDs of documentary and featurette stuff really does the set justice and warrants the extra cash. Complete with a book of drawings and a sculpted Kandarian dagger that's a testament to model-making, the set is designed to drive the true fan into a frenzy.

The transition to HD looks great and Invaluable a doco about the series is guaranteed to hook people in to this groovy and seriously genre-defining series.

If you're a fan of horror and serious about the Evil Dead series, then this set can't afford not to sit on your shelf. With a HD remaster that looks the business, an inside look at its enduring appeal, Madman's gone all out to ensure that finally a set dedicated to a film or its series feels like the definitive article.

Extras: Too numerous to mention, making of, trailers, outtakes, life after Death doco, commentaries - a wealth of material.


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