Saturday, 22 April 2017

Doctor Who: Return of Doctor Mysterio: Blu Ray Review

Doctor Who: Return of Doctor Mysterio: Blu Ray Review

Riffing on superhero lore and also cocking a sly wink at the general silliness of their spectacle, the Christmas episode, Return of Doctor Mysterio saw a return to the screens for Peter Capaldi's Doctor after a year long absence.

When the Doctor inadvertently creates a child superhero, he ends up back in New York stuck with an invasion from a group of brain-sucking baddies. And caught up in the middle of a love triangle involving a caped superhero, a man nanny and a female reporter...
Doctor Who, starring Peter Capaldi

Romp is perhaps the best way to describe Doctor Who: Return of Doctor Mysterio and that's no bad thing with Capaldi given the chance to play a little looser with the character than in the previous season's heaviness.

Freed from the weightiness of the emotional arcs, it can feel a bit lighter than usual (and possibly works within the context of a Christmas broadcast) but there are more hints when Capaldi alludes to his darkness within.

Ultimately, Doctor Who: Return of Doctor Mysterio plays with superhero silliness quite well and while it may feel friskier than usual, it's great to see Who not taking itself as seriously or being so self-involved.

It all bodes well for Capaldi's final year, starting in Easter 2017.

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