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Sherlock: Season 4: Blu Ray Review

Sherlock: Season 4: Blu Ray Review

The game's back afoot in this latest and, possibly final, clutch of three stories from Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.
Sherlock Season 4

Benedict Cumberbatch returns once again as Conan Doyle's detective, in the modern day setting - and with his partner Martin Freeman's Watson married and with kid, Holmes is at a bit of a loose end.
However, as the first story kicks off, everything's about to change for the duo with the apparent return of Moriarty and a major conspiracy underway.

As ever, the stories are beautifully shot and put together, but this time around, the three stories are somewhat of a mixed bag as they get tied up in their own knots. Certainly, the opening episode isn't as clever as it thinks it is, and there's an argument to say the third episode really feels a little indulgent (but has some great moments).

More successful is the second which showcases Toby Jones as a baddie Culverton Smith and whose obsequiousness and general slimy demeanour really rattles things along.

At its heart this year, Sherlock is a more personal story and is really a stronger look at the relationship between Holmes and Watson. If the series ends here, it feels like it's possibly time, with a lot of the bulk of these stories feeling more like they're pandering to fans rather than a wider audience.

That said, when it fires, as it frequently does, it's still infinitely superior to anything on TV, thanks largely to the acting talents of the leads.

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