Friday, 21 April 2017

Silicon Valley : Series 3: DVD Review

Silicon Valley : Series 3: DVD Review

The boys of Pied Piper are back for yet another series of awkwardly generated but belly smashing laughs.
Silicon Valley : Series 3: DVD Review

Starting with Thomas Middleditch's Richard being fired as the CEO of his own internet company, this latest attempts to bring fractures between the teams, but never loses sight of the occasional absurdity and heart which keeps the show going.

Dabbling a little with the click farm politics that hits portions of the internet from time to time, there are plenty of moments in this latest that make the third season of Silicon Valley feel both pertinent and contemporary, while never losing some of the timelessness of the comedy.

From TJ Miller's boorish wannabe to Kumail Nanjani's hen-picked but hilarious programmer, there's an ensemble here that crackles with the writing. It helps that the show's paciness and general embracing of the genre and the concept all comes together with considerable aplomb.

The appearance of Stephen Toblowsky as a potential partner also is welcome this year and while he's not in the entire run, he injects plenty to ensure the show doesn't feel staid and willing to rest on its laurels.

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