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Attack on Titan 2: PS4 Review

Attack on Titan 2: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released by Koei Tecmo

The hack and slash Manga is back in A.O.T.2.

The first game, released back in August 2016, was an impressive adaptation of the Manga series about a group of freedom fighters taking on a race of naked giants who had breached their walls.
Attack on Titan 2: PS4 Review

However, it was held back by some slightly problematic gameplay elements which made fighting a little more difficult than it should be, and attacking less fun than it ought to be.

And while Attack on Titan 2 improves on the gameplay and fighting elements, its desire to make you sit through unbearably long cut-scenes and also redo some things you did in the last game makes you wonder if you're still playing the first game.

Getting to choose between male or female is a good touch, and starts the game off in a way that is compelling and interesting as you get inserted into the narrative and get to know the characters from the TV series.

Once again you're hauled into your OMD (Omni-multi-directional) gear and get to fire harnesses which can propel you through the world and into the what lies ahead. But not without training - and lots of it - as well as lots of stereotyped drill instructor material.

But once the training is done, the game finds a compelling enough groove as you defend your friends from attack, work in teams and generally try to save the day. It's here that AOT2 finds its groove and there's a manga-esque smoothness to being fired through the air.
Attack on Titan 2: PS4 Review

The fluidity of the flying mixed with combat works well, but it's the fact that AOT2 feels so recycled that makes it such a let down in many ways. Friendships and interactions make up the bulk of it as well, but those only hold you back from the fighting Titans that you want to do.

Ultimately, AOT2 is a mixed bag - it improves on some things, feels like a step backwards in others. It's to be hoped there's a threequel, but given that the developers have got it all right now, more needs to be done on the story to ensure there's no holding back on the very real potential of this gaming franchise and TV series.

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