Sunday, 15 April 2018

Moss: PSVR Review

Moss: PSVR Review

Platform: PSVR
Released by Sony

There is something adorable about Moss.
Moss: PSVR Review

Whether it's the fact it's 3D platforming brought to life via the PS VR headset or the fact that it shows PSVR isn't just limited to experiences, Moss offers hope for VR in 2018.

Set in a fairy book world, Moss sets you in the position of Quill and puts you to task roaming through a growing number of puzzles and on a quest to save her kingdom from trouble.

Quill can attack with a sword, jump around and generally scurry like the best of mice, ensuring that the platforming feels like something anyone can achieve.
Moss: PSVR Review

That's the thing with Moss, its simplicity makes it so evidently appealing to all those around. Plus the fact you are part of a team with Quill makes the game so much more immersive than would initially appear.

As the reader, you get to manipulate objects in the Moss World to ensure that Quill's never-ending journey is as easy as is possible.Puzzles are never fully taxing and Moss's approachability means it's an all ages kind of affair which really does make it a step up for the VR world.
Moss: PSVR Review

With gorgeous landscapes within the world to behold, and an engaging feel to keep all ages interested, Moss makes a case for what VR can do. Effortlessly merging the best of both worlds, without ever really being showy, it does make you believe that this is what VR should be - simple, entertaining and mighty mouse levels of fun.

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