Sunday, 15 April 2018

Westworld: Complete Series 1: Blu Ray Review

Westworld: Complete Series 1: Blu Ray Review

Released by Roadshow Home Entertainment
Rating: M

To say there's a sense of anticipation behind Westworld the TV series is somewhat of an understatement.

Westworld: Complete Series 1: Blu Ray ReviewThe 10 part show which debuted on HBO and which pulled from the original 1973 Yul Brynner film about robots and humans living a life together in a theme park certainly has its powerful moments.

Slickly put together and excessively polished with a cast of some truly big names, the TV series is a knotty intellectual piece that goes for the big philosophical issues in between the sex and the violence.

Visually, the show soars with technology blending in brilliantly into the sci-fi dystopian world that's been created for the small screen.

Occasionally, the twists and turns can be seen from a mile off, but the sense of story-telling propels Westworld along and ensures that moments of tedium (inevitable in an intellectual 10-parter like this) are kept to a minimum.

It's a shame the series isn't a self-contained piece, but its push into a second series may well be deserved given the calibre of actors like Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Rachel Evan Wood bring to it.

While not entirely gripping, and edging ever so close to outstaying its 10 episode run, Westworld really does raise the bar for sci-fi small screen fare - and while it's not to everyone's tastes, it's certainly worth a punt.

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