Friday, 18 June 2010

Nine: DVD Review

Nine: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Daniel Day Lewis stars as Italian film director Guido Contini, the maestro of cinema Italiano, who's under pressure to create his ninth film. Contini's revered in Italy (despite a string of recent flops - a running gag in the film) but is struggling to come up with a script for his ninth outing on the big screen.

But despite seeking inspiration from the women in his life - a prostitute from youth (Fergie), his mistress Carla (a fiery sparky Penelope Cruz), his wife Luisa (an ever dependable Marion Cotillard), his mother (Sophia Loren) and his muse (Nicole Kidman), he's got nothing.

With the studio on his back, sets being built and time running out, Guido's got nowhere to hide - can he get his magic back?

Nine is a sexy, spectacularly lavish affair - with its women giving their all both vocally and physically on the screen, it seemed destined not to fail. And yet, somehow, it manages to do so.

Despite a stunning ensemble cast, beautiful Italian scenery and some lavish musical numbers, it somehow manages to miss the emotional mark.

It's more about style over substance - but in some moments - and thanks to a feisty Penelope Cruz, you may well forget the lack of substance and just appreciate what's on the screen.

Extras: 8 Featurettes, commentary with Rob Marshall and 3 music videos - exclusive to Blu Ray there's a Screen actors guild Q &A with the cast.

Rating: 6/10

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