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Get Him To The Greek: Movie Review

Get Him To The Greek: Movie Review

Get Him To The Greek
Rating: 7/10
Cast: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Sean Combs, Elisabeth Moss
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Jonah Hill stars as record company employee Aaron Green.
Looking for a boost for his career, Green suggests to his boss Sergio (Combs) that they get Aldous Snow (Russell Brand in a surprisingly good turn) to perform a tenth anniversary live concert.
Snow's fallen on hard times - split from his wife Jackie Q (the lovely Rose Byrne of Damages fame ) and with his last record African Child panned, he's up for one last blast. (You may also remember his hard rockin' ways from his appearance in the awkward comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.)
So Green's sent to London to get Snow to the Greek theatre on time for the gig - but along the way, Green finds his every attempt thwarted by the self destructive rocker.
Coupled with the fact Green's med intern girlfriend Daphne is about to move to Seattle, he's on the verge of a breakdown as he tries his best to please everyone.
This one gets chalked upto guilty pleasure. With its crass and boorish moments, as well as some awkward comedy situations, there's some real hilarity within Get Him To The Greek.
Russell Brand is a revelation as Aldous Snow in this - his shambolic hard rocking on-screen persona seems to be perfectly married to the off screen bad boy who caused so much outrage and furore in the UK. He's also spot on in the parodying of certain rock stars who champion causes without really having a clue - granted that may not be original in some ways, but Brand sends it up very well. He's also got the petulance of a spoilt child and his traditional bad boy swagger and is perfect for Snow.
And Jonah Hill carries off the role of the put upon assistant very well - he manages to balance the usual geek that he brings to the role with the humanity of a man on the edge - as well as negotiating brilliantly the awkward humour.
There's heaps of cameos from people within the music industry as well which will have eagle eyed music lovers drooling.
But it's the script which sizzles (written by director Stoller and Jason Segal) with hilarious unexpected one liners and (some immature) moments which catch you completely off guard and will leave you laughing.
Although it does sag a little towards the end and you can see what's coming, that doesn't detract too much from the general feeling you get walking out after it's done.

Get Him To The Greek won't be to everyone's tastes to be honest - but for a fun night out with the lads, it's the perfect film.

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