Thursday, 17 June 2010

Psychoville: DVD Review

Psychoville: DVD Review


Rating: M
Released by BBC and Roadshow Entertainment

To those in the know, the League Of Gentlemen are comedy icons.

So when it was announced two of their founding quartet were shooting a new dark comedy series for the BBC, there was much to celebrate - and be afraid of.

Described as a dark character comedy mystery featuring the weird and the wonderful, this 7 part series involves 5 sets of characters - the majority of which are played by Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton; as well as a career changing dark turn from Dawn French.

This quintet appears unconnected but each of them receive a letter which simply states "I know what you did" and they all set out to try and track down who the blackmailer is.

As all of their paths cross, it becomes clear they share something in common - and that the blackmailer may be a lot closer to home than they first thought.

Psychoville is brilliantly psychotic - it's once again proof that these British comedians are the best and darkest the country's ever turned out. The show is mesmerising and will suck you in with its gallows humour and macabre view of life.

It also scores highly for episode 4 which sees the entire League of Gentlemen team reunited in one episode, an homage to Hitchcock, which plays out in just one set - sheer genius.

Extras: Commentaries on all episodes, interviews and behind the scenes all add to the wealth of material on this two disc set

Rating: 8/10

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