Saturday, 26 June 2010

Dr Who: Dreamland: DVD Review

Dr Who: Dreamland: DVD Review

Dr Who: Dreamland
Rating: PG
Released by Roadshow Entertainment/ BBC

This animated treat was one of the spin offs for the gap year the BBC's flagship show took in 2009.
But fans of the show don't need to worry - while David Tennant may have been touring with Hamlet, he took time off to record the voiceover for this 40 minute computer animated adventure.
The 10th Doctor ends up in Roswell, New Mexico in 1958 - and on the eve of an alien invasion as the bug like Viperox look to steal an alien who crashed in the area (sounds familiar to fans of the UFO genre.)
However, 10's not alone - he's got two new animated companions along for the adventure.
While Dreamland may take a little bit to adjust to the chunky animation, it's a zippy paced adventure which hurtles along. The short segments of the original broadcast made this easy to digest and in its long form it's still quite the treat. Plus for fans of sci fi there's smart nods to Roswell and a cliffhanger moment that echoes Aliens in many ways.
The animators have thought big and the writer Phil Ford haven't lost trace of the smart dialogue - and once again, David Tennant looms large over this project.
Dreamland is a must for fans of the show.
Extras: A second disc collects together the UK highlights trio of episodes of Dr Who: Greatest Moments - there are 3 programmes here, all an hour long selected from episodes from the show's return in 2005. Packed with interviews from various members of the cast which have never been screened before, it's a fluffy insight into the show, its characters and its titular hero. However, that may anger purists of the show as they will argue the greatest moments have spanned the past 45 years and Doctors before Christopher Eccleston.

Rating: 7/10 

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