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Dr Who: Peladon Tales: DVD Review

Dr Who: Peladon Tales: DVD Review

Doctor Who - Peladon Tales

Released by BBC and Roadshow Entertainment
Rating: PG

So it's back to the 1970s for this double outing for Jon Pertwee's Doctor.

These two tales have been thrown together on one release as they're both set on the planet Peladon - in the first, The Curse of Peladon, The Doctor and Jo (Katy Manning) arrive at a time when Peladon is being considered for entrance into the galactic federation. But it appears someone will stop at nothing to ensure this doesn't happen.

In the sequel (of sorts) The Monster of Peladon, set 50 years after the first, the Doc returns - this time with new companion Sarah Jane Smith - to find Peladon torn apart by squabbling and with an ancient beast threatening to drag them back to their savage ways.

Each of the Peladon Tales releases sees the Doc facing off with his old nemeses the Ice Warriors - and for the first time in colour.

Both these adventures are pacy and zip along relatively well - given how time isn't always kind to early Doctor Who. It's also a great reminder of how popular and good Pertwee was in the role.

Extras: Once again, it's the set's extras which shine out rather than the stories themselves. For a two disc release, there's plenty to ponder on with commentaries from those involved (including the late much missed producer Barry Letts), a two part retrospective looking back at the making of these, a look back at the Ice Warriors, and a short piece from Katy Manning aka Jo Grant remembering the partnership she had with Jon Pertwee in her run of stories.

Rating: 7/10

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