Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Avengers trailer and Avengers TV spot revealed

It's a double whammy of Avengers news today.


First up the brand new Avengers trailer has been unveiled.

And in further Avengers news, there's also an Avengers TV spot out there as well..

The Avengers film hits NZ cinemas on April 25th, 2 weeks ahead of the USA...


  1. Everything about this movie was pitch perfect. Starting with the script. Joss Whedon had penned the script and it's obvious he has done his homework on not just the mythos and everything else in the world of The Avengers, but also what the audience loves about the heroes and expects from a movie about The Avengers. Everyone was given a sense of humour and played their cards right- Tony Stark was his usual lovable jerk self, and had his typical attitude problems that were hard not to love. He was given a great amount of action as well and the scene near the end where he pushes the nuclear bomb into the portal was purely beautiful intensity. Captain America was his usual kickass self, and every one of his action scenes were hard to not love. Thor was hilarious as well and his scenes with Loki were just amazing. Particularly the scene near the end on Stark tower where he forces Loki to watch the mayhem going on in the city and asks "Is this what you want?". Aso, FINALLY the Hulk has had justice done. He's given a sense of humour, which the other movies absolutely failed on. I'm happy to report the movie did not fail there. And who can forget the dialogue? Classic Avengers dialogs, down to the last inch. "We need a plan of attack!" "I have a plan. Attack." and "WhTs the matter, not fond of thunder and lightning?" "I don't like what comes after."

  2. Great comments France - thanks so much!