Thursday, 31 May 2012

Rec 3 - Genesis: Movie Review

Rec 3 - Genesis: Movie Review

Cast: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin
Director: Paco Plaza

You're cordially invited to the wedding of Koldo and Clara in this third outing for the Rec series, a horror franchise where an infection leads to serious zombie action.

In this latest one, which runs parallel to the first film Rec, the action is all largely set at a wedding and begins by being captured on handheld cameras. Just as soon as Koldo and Clara celebrate their union, they find their uncle acting a little strange after being bitten by a dog.

Later on at the reception, things take a turn for the worse when said uncle starts attacking and biting people and pretty soon, the Infected are on the rise and Koldo and Clara are parted. But Koldo's determined to save his new bride (Till death us do part, remember?) and sets out to try and ensure she's alive.

Rec 3: Genesis is a different beast to the other two films, because it's set more in daylight than the darkness of the first outing. It gives it a different feel and needs the director to work scares a little more cautiously rather than relying on the odd jolts and shocks here and there (although there are a fair few of those throughout).

They've gone more for a comedy gore outing this time round - with there being a very large sprinkling of humour dashed throughout - be it a running gag where the children's entertainer is called John Sponge to avoid copyright issues with a certain Mr Squarepants or having the bride seething "This is supposed to be my special day" and revving up a chainsaw, the whole thing has a slightly OTT feel at times.

But that doesn't mean they've skipped on the gore and violence. Not in the slightest - beheadings, death by car jack, death by stick mixer - they're all thrown in for gory as effect - although they're played largely for laughs more than anything. However, there's one truly horrific moment as well - a scene where a busload of guests is overrun by the Infected is nothing short of disturbing.

The two leads are fairly disposable but relatively likeable and the rest of the guests barely get much of a look in for characterisation etc but at the end of the day, they're just meat to be slaughtered as they try to escape the viral outbreak. The film scores extra points for subtly referencing what's going on in the first film - indicating everything's tied.

As ever, there's the defying stupidity of the trapped and the lack of real logic (one sequence sees them trapped in a kitchen and trying to escape to the sewers but dropping a pen knife and being unable to loose the screws from a grill - why not use a knife from the kitchen area?? Whereas another sequence sees the infected stopped by religious readings and demons being reflected in mirrors) but Rec 3 Genesis is an over the top film of extremes; both extreme gore, kills and action, it's a reasonably solid entry to the franchise which will give bloodhungry punters exactly what they want but won't win over any new fans to the series.


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