Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Tower Heist: Blu Ray Review

Tower Heist: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Universal Home Entertainment

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy star in this movie from Brett Ratner.

Stiller is Josh, the building manager of a New York luxury apartment; he's the opposite to Alan Alda's Arthur Shaw; a good loyal man who's the working man whereas Shaw is the building owner,a man who has it all.

One day, Shaw is arrested by the FBI and Tea Leoni's agent Denham, suspected of running a Ponzi scheme and confined to the top floor of the building. When the full extent of what Shaw's done becomes evident, the group heads to see him and realised they've all been conned into giving him money and the best years of their lives, they set out to get their cash back.

But they have one secret weapon - Eddie Murphy's Slide, a petty criminal who could help them make some cash.

Tower Heist starts off in somewhat of a pedestrian manner; don't get me wrong it's likeable enough and Stiller and Alda are solid enough players. After a while, it becomes a classic crime caper with some reasonable touches. And most of those are due to Eddie Murphy who makes a real return to form as a wise cracking individual, sassy criminal. He works well with Stiller and the pair make a good partnership.

Stick with Tower Heist; it takes a wee while to get going and while it's not ground breaking in terms of story, it's certainly disposable watchable enough fare for a winter's night.

Extras: Alternate endings, deleted scenes, gag reels and feature commentary plus the Blu Ray adds some exclusive featurettes including a behind the scenes look


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