Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cabin in the Woods gets NZ release date - of sorts

Cabin in the Woods gets NZ release date

Following on from the news yesterday of 3 titles from the upcoming New Zealand International Film Festival, there's been some very exciting news for Joss Whedon fans from this upcoming festival.

After it was revealed that Cabin in the Woods may have been going straight to DVD in Aus and NZ, there was an online petition started (whenever us geeks want anything achieved, we hit online) and the numbers grew.

Then last week, on Facebook, Roadshow Films NZ, the distributors for the film teased the fact there would be an announcement about the film this week.

And this morning, Ant Timpson of the Incredibly Strange Film Festival posted this news:


"Horror fans of New Zealand. Listen the hell up! Joss Whedon's hotly anticipated CABIN IN THE WOODS was destined to home video only release. Then the fans rallied and demanded it to be released onto NZ screens. Today their pleas have been answered. CABIN IN THE WOODS will be now screening in the "Incredibly Strange' section of NZ Film Festival on our NZs most magnif...icent screens. Now you can witness the genre-bending greatness of the most acclaimed horror film in years up on the enormous Civic and Embassy screens. This will be your chance to prove to local distributors that you want to see these sorts of titles get a theatrical. If you don't turn up to see this, then don't be surprised if you never see another CABIN play on NZ screens. Lest We Forget."

Normally, I'd post a trailer, but I'm too worried that even the trailer would carry major spoilers, so search and decide for yourselves...

The New Zealand International Film Festival kicks off in July in Auckland - stay tuned for more.

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