Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tarzan: Movie Review

Tarzan: Movie Review

Cast: Kellan Lutz, Spencer Locke
Director: Richard Klooss

Another version of Tarzan swings in, this time a computer generated piece which aims to put a new twist on the legend.

Kellan Lutz stars as JJ Greystoke, a kid who finds himself alone after his parents die in a helicopter crash instigated by his dad affecting the balance of nature after taking a chunk out of a meteor (yep, seriously).

Raised in the jungle by a mother gorilla who had her child killed during the chaos caused by JJ's father, Tarzan, the hairless ape, grows. But when the CEO of Greystoke industries heads back to the jungle determined to find the meteor and with it, a new source of energy for the world, Tarzan finds his resolve tested and his loyalties torn.

The computer animated Tarzan is perhaps one of the bizarrest re-tellings of the story I've ever seen.

While Kellan Lutz gives his all to the human ape, the animation takes a while to get used to, thanks to a weird mix of Cloudy With Meatballs stule humans and very well defined other humans. But that's about as far as the definition goes in this piece, which lacks emotion, sees Tarzan using extremely dodgy ways to pick up Jane (stalking, rifling through her belongings) and has a terrible romantic montage soundtracked by Coldplay's Paradise.

With swirling cameras, swelling music, plenty of pointless voiceover and lots of animated scenes showing Tarzan flying through the air a la Spider-Man for no other reason than they can, this Tarzan has very little going for it. An additional plot about a meteor from the Jurassic ages feels like the kind of tosh more suited to a Transformers film than a push to protect the wild forests.

Ultimately, this Tarzan lacks definition, bite and a decent origin story that seems to flow - it really does need to be confined to the jungle, rather than inflicted on cinema audiences.


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