Monday, 2 June 2014

Super Time Force: XBox One Review

Super Time Force: XBox One Review

Platform: XBox One

Retro 8 Bit Games appear to be the rage at the moment.

What with Fez, Towerfall: Ascension, Mercenary Kings and now this, it appears the next gen is looking to the past for its gaming inspiration.

This latest side-scrolling shoot'em'up sees you taking on a role in an elite squad that's sent back in time by Colonel Repeatski to try and save the day. You've got 30 lives to get through each level and if that sounds a lot, well, there's a reason why. Each time you get killed, you get a chance to rewind time, play again and avoid the same mistakes. Or, you get to play as another character, with your own original character and fight on as two people to try and win through each level.

Glorbs through the level (as the Colonel calls them) give you extra time and others can be shot to give you extra repeats and rewinds. It's funny but you think you won't need either the time or the lives as you take on one of the four of the elite force, but before you know it, you're desperately rewinding time to see how you can improve on your last garbled attempt.

But as you rewind, you begin to realise the first characters you were playing are doing everything you did before - a sort of do-over but with extra fire power. It's here that Super Time Force starts to get a bit chaotic as bullets explode around you and you try desperately not to get lost in it all.

While not exactly frenetic of pace, it's very easy to lose track of exactly what's going on and once again, you have to start over. The retro look adds to the lunacy and the terrible puns from Colonel Repeatski bring you the groan factor as it goes on.

Super Time Force is a crazy shoot em up - and it's also horrendously addictive. Time and time again, this will have you laughing maniacally, it's that good.


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