Wednesday, 18 June 2014

What We Do In The Shadows - Taika Waititi Q&A

What We Do In The Shadows - Taika Waititi interview

Taika Waititi talks to us about the movie, the movie process in our quick Q&A ahead of the NZ release of the movie on June 19th.

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Tell us about your character in the movie
I play a 106 year old vampire called Viago. He is the nice and clean one of the house, always trying to keep the peace!

How did you get involved and what did you make of the initial pitch?
Jemaine Clement and I initially shot a short film version with all of our mates and then post-that decided it would make an awesome feature. Seven years later here we are.

How much input did you have into the character?
Everything! Alongside Jemaine I wrote and co-directed it. I also was one of the only people that saw the script we wrote. Which made life interesting when we shot it.

What was the best moment of filming?
We had a revolving room which we used for some stunt scenes and it was pretty bad ass. It was like we were in Inception.

What was the worst? And why?
Having to rush when you are running out if time. It's always the worst.

Give us a secret from the set
We had a competition to see who could eat the most pudding across the shoot. Bad thing was is we all lost because we got fat.

How do you feel about the reaction the film’s already getting?
So proud. It is being really well received and we are stoked with that.

What’s the one moment of the film that you’re the proudest of?
When we finally locked it off. I was pretty proud that day.

What’s your favourite moment from the film and why?
There is a scene where the Werewolves meet Stu. I love that scene.

What We Do In the Shadows hits NZ Cinemas on June 19th. 
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