Sunday, 8 June 2014

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate: PS4 Review

PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
Released as part of the June Instant Games Collection on PS Plus

The latest wave of the PS Plus collection is unveiled - and this month, among its number is a terribly cute little game.

Taking control of a subterranean craft, your mission is to head underground and to rescue the scientists who've become trapped in various places throughout. Using a grapple hook and a gun, it's simplicity itself as you negotiate lava, water, critters and rockets to achieve your aims.

Once all survivors are saved or killed (it's possible you can shoot your own as you try to save them by blasting through rock), and enough diamonds have been rescued from the walls, it's on to the next level. The game's divvied up into several stages, and is pretty damn playable in its mechanics.

It doesn't take much to ruin everything in one level and as progression is tied to either enough people being saved or diamonds freed, there's a real pressure to aim to perfection. Its puzzle nature and requirement to have a little forethought is what makes it so utterly addictive in its nature.

There's a chance to go multiplayer with this and the set actually combines two of the games together, giving it a length that makes it well worth picking up.

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