Thursday, 19 July 2018

NZIFF Q&A - Tony Hiles

NZIFF Q&A - Tony Hiles

My film is....
Number nine of 10 featuring the life and times of NZ Artist Michael Smither.
 NZ Artist Michael Smither

The moment I'm most proud of is...
Watching the years and numbers roll by, each one reinforcing the validity of the original idea.

The reason I carried on with this film when it got tough is.....
Every film is a commitment and if you quit you lose personally and professionally.

The one moment that will resonate with an audience is.......
Michael’s loss of a friend and colleague still aches years later

The thing I want people to take from this film is 
That versatility and commitment are at the core of this artist and his work

The reason I love the NZIFF is.......
It is managed by others who love film, especially Bill Gosden who gave me a break with this series of documentaries

What the 50th NZIFF means to me is...... It reminds me how lucky I am to still be making films.

Pls note - this film plays Wellington only - details here -

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