Tuesday, 17 July 2018

NZIFF Q&A - Paora Joseph, Maui's Hook

NZIFF Q&A - Paora Joseph, Maui's Hook

Director Paora Joseph – Maui’s Hook

My film is.... Māui’s Hook is an experience. It is a real slice of humanity, ordinary people who are extraordinarily brave, willing to share their vulnerability in order to help save lives.

The moment I'm most proud of is...
NZIFF Q&A - Paora Joseph, Maui's Hook
When we showed the film for the first time to the NZFC and stakeholders and there was absolute silence following the screening. The CEO was in tears and that’s when we realised that we had a film worthy of sharing with the world.

The reason I carried on with this film when it got tough is.....
The belief in my Tupuna and the fact that the whānau involved were prepared to share their vulnerability with the world in order to save lives.

The one moment that will resonate with an audience is.......
When the character playing Tama discovers his mortality

The hardest thing I had to cut from this film is........
We had to cut the reported methods of suicide from the film in order to ensure that it did not have a negative effect for some viewers. This was part of the honest kōrero shared by whānau members.

The thing I want people to take from this film is ......
We do not need to hurry death, and that through genuine sharing we can find a way through turbulent times.

The reason I love the NZIFF is.......
It provides a platform in which heartfelt stories about humanity can be shared with the world.

What the 50th NZIFF means to me is...... It is a hallmark, we should be all proud as New Zealanders to have this taonga.

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