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NZIFF Q&A - Bludgeon - Ryan Heron and Andy Deere

NZIFF Q&A - Bludgeon - Ryan Heron and Andy Deere

NZIFF Q&A for directors: Bludgeon – Ryan Heron and Andy Deere

My film is…. 
One of only a handful of things that I’ve made that I want people to see. Ryan Heron
A unique little documentary that I hope people find entertaining. Andy Deere

The moment I'm most proud of is…. 
Starting.  That first step of turning down commercial work, social commitments etc and instead driving to the Taranaki to film an old school pal swing an axe around outside an old bread factory is kind of tough one.  After that we were both invested and knew we were onto something so it had momentum.  (RH) 
Finishing. We’ve both invested so much time and energy into making this film it’s pretty exciting to get to show it to people.  (AD)

The reason I carried on with this film when it got tough is…..  
Other than Andy’s erratic mood swings it was plain sailing.  (RH)
I was already in too deep and I’m generally afraid of Ryan. (AD)

The one moment that will resonate with an audience is……. 
For me I think the whole film is about finding your team. Whatever you’re into (no matter how bizarre that may seem to other people ) there’s bound to be others out there who are into it too. (AD)

The hardest thing I had to cut from this film is……..  
Some of the Polish national team talking (in Polish) about getting aroused in armour.  I had a Polish friend translate it. (RH)
Some of the other success stories from the team in Denmark but unfortunately it felt too confusing to introduce too many characters. (AD)

The thing I want people to take from this film is …… 
Nothing, it’s not really an issue focused film.  I’d just hope they’re entertained. (RH)
I just want people to be entertained.  (AD)

The reason I love the NZIFF is…….  
Well this year it’s because they’ve given us the opportunity to show our film off in the cinema. (RH)
I love being able to blindly turn up to a film I know nothing about and know i’m pretty much guaranteed to see something interesting. (AD)

What the 50th NZIFF means to me is……  

They’ve been going as long as my parents have been married then.  I can’t imagine it’s been easy. (RH)

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