Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ernest & Celestine: Movie Review

Ernest & Celestine: Movie Review

Vocal cast: Forest Whitaker, Mackenzie Foy, Lauren Bacall, Paul Giamatti, William H Macy
Director: Stephanie Aubier

An unashamedly old school animated treat, Ernest and Celestine is a gorgeous little piece of film.

It's the story of Celestine, a young mouse (voiced by Foy) who lives in an orphanage and who is taunted by stories of how horrific bears living in the real world are. An artist by desire, she finds herself in the bears' world when having to collect teeth for the rodents to use but inadvertently ends up trapped in a bin after an accidental locking in by Ernest (Forest Whitaker).

As Ernest is about to eat her, due to ravenous hunger, Celestine manages to persuade him to hold off, showing him where food can be found - and it's from here that a bond between the pair is grown. From this bond, a true friendship emerges, but not everyone believes that's the way to go.

Old school in many ways thanks to its simple script and its delightfully hand drawn animation, Ernest and Celestine is a timeless film that's pure in its delivery and heart. The exploration of friendship is beautifully proffered up and the animation is a treat.

If you're a fan of family friendly films and want to experience something that's quite different from anything offered by animation these days, this charming hand -drawn pastel rich Belgian piece is for you - it's a rare treat in the days of overblown CGI antics and it's a reminder that sometimes the simplest of stories and visuals soar the highest.


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