Tuesday, 1 July 2014

True Detective: Season 1 Blu Ray Review

True Detective: Season 1 Blu Ray Review

Rating: R16
Released by Warner Home Ent

The runaway drama smash from HBO gets a small screen release, with some very big names in the mix.

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey star as a pair of mismatched detectives re-examining a case across a few time periods. Hart (Harrelson), a booze ridden philanderer and Cohle (McConaughey), a Zen loving meditating detective, are looking into a macabre murder, which appears to have cult overtones.

Their investigation was back in 1995, but the duo are forced to re-examine the case in 2012, but all is not what it seems for either them or their relationships.

Over eight episodes, True Detective dawdles and meanders as it heads to its destination. However, the journey is a pretty damn impressive one. Solidly mesmerising turns from both leads, complete with southern drawls, make it compelling viewing, complete with a philosophical bent. It's an acting masterclass from the pair of them as the darkness sets in.

The series is bleak in parts, but it's got hope running through it and that carries you through. One action sequence that takes you into the heart of a police raid is some of the finest directing I've seen on the small screen in many a year.

Ultimately True Detective is well worth investing 8 hours of your life in - it's unlike anything else that's been on TV for years and shows that sometimes the greatest talent is on the small screen.

Extras: Commentaries, interviews, deleted scenes, interviews


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