Friday, 18 July 2014

The Rocket: Blu Ray Review

The Rocket: Blu Ray Review

Rating: M
Released by Vendetta Films

Released at last year's New Zealand International Film Festival, The Rocket is a crowd-pleasing simply told story.

It's the tale of a boy who believes he brings bad luck to all around him as they try to find a new home in Laos. But when the boy stumbles across a rocket festival, where participants have to build and fly their own rockets, he believes this is his chance at redemption. So, he sets out to take part in one of the most dangerous activities of the region...

The Rocket is simply heart-warming fare. There's a humour in amongst it, as well as some truly shocking moments - at least one early on elicited a major intake of breath from this critic - but it's the kind of film that takes you on an emotional journey, gives you an insight into worlds you've never seen before and tells a story that's rarely and effectively told.

It remains one of the most under-rated films of last year - now is your chance to see why people who watch this rave about it.

Extras: Festival information, themes, behind the scenes, rehearsals.


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