Monday, 14 July 2014

Grid Autosport: PS3 Review

Grid Autosport: PS3 Review

Released by Codemasters
Platform: PS3

Racing cars in a virtual world can be somewhat of a tough ask.

Grid Autosport had a wee way to go to keep that side of me satiated.

The game really kicks in the moment it's loaded up, which sounds like a stupid thing to say but it's pretty much firing right out of the gate. Graphically gorgeous, the game gets you involved right away, with a choice of five disciplines to take part in Touring Cars, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street. Taking part in those races and seasons gain you XP with a series of mini "missions" in each one to be completed and which give you a reason to really put the pedal to the metal.

From racing on the streets to hurtling around a track, Grid Autosport has certainly got variety in mind and entertainment foremost at its agenda as you choose which team to be part of and set your own ideas in motion for racing. With growing XP and progress comes the chance to upgrade your cars and therefore improve your standings in the rankings.  Plus, there's a chance to manipulate your team as well with the AI - pressing them to race aggressively or defensively which could help propel you into the points and rankings of the various disciplines. 

But it's online where the game really excels, as it gives you access to a world full of racers and an unpredictability that's free from the AI. Accruing XP, avoiding aggro racers and generally having a blast, it's really the multiplayer element of Grid Autosport that sees it soar. There's plenty to do online and plenty of reasons to stay within that element rather than just slogging it out against the AI and computer - it's really where the social element thrives.

Diversity appears to be the key for Grid Autosport - it's really worth taking a punt on and don't be surprised if you end up addicted thanks to simplicity of racing, shortness of seasons and a thriving online world.


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