Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The LEGO Movie: The Video Game: PS4 Review

The LEGO Movie: The Video Game: PS4 Review

Released by Travellers Tales
Platform: PS4

It's a LEGO smorgasbord at the moment.

What with The Lego Movie, and The Lego Hobbit, the plastic blocks have never had such a collective hold on our conscience.

The first out of the box (as far as this reviewer is concerned) is the game based on the movie, which is of course, based on the toy. Verily the head doth rotate. Following very closely the events of the film you take control of Emmett, Wyldstyle, Vitruvius and Lego Batman as they take on Lord Business.

But in the true LEGO style, it's upto you to follow the basics of the game as you go through the different parts - from the Old West, to the construction site and to Cloud CuckooLand, where Unikitty rules and Batman's sardonic tone comes to the fore.

As you negotiate the different environments, there's definitely the feeling that the random nature of the film has followed through to the game. But there's also a lot more fun here - while the cutscenes seem directly ripped from the movie, the gameplay itself is a lot more free-wheeling. Levels require you to search out instructions to build a creation at the end to try and save the day. As you fire up the instructions, you need to select pieces quickly or your LEGO studs rewards drop away very speedily.

In terms of the randomness, I think having a Quick Time Event while the construction crew dance to Everything is Awesome like something that the Village People would rock out, is a good start. But that's the thing with the The LEGO Movie - the Video Game, it's not supposed to be taken so seriously; it's just disposable fun that excels and revels in its own simplicity. It's a game for all ages, but youngsters will adore - the levels are just about long enough to avoid wandering attention. Along with the vocal talents channeling the cast, it feels like the genuine article and not just a tie in that is a quick cash in.

With a range of characters to buy through studs and unlock, there's plenty to do here, but it's the depth of the game that really rewards your attention - it's adorably cute, annoyingly addictive (and complete with irritating soundtrack) but it's what a game should be - good fun.


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