Thursday, 10 April 2014

Resogun: PS4 Review

Resogun: PS4 Review

Platform: PS4
As part of PlayStation Plus sub in December, currently on PSN

They say sometimes, simpler is better.

And in Resogun's sake, nothing could be truer.

This fast paced, simple shoot'em'up is one of the best titles currently on the PS4 and is, if you're serious about gaming, worth seeking out and investing time in. It's a simple concept - you just simply shoot stuff and try and save the humans silly enough to stick around in the face of an alien invasion.

In essence, it's an updated version of Defender, but one set in a cylindrical world which allows you to see all around and realise what threats lie around the corner, so you can scroll off and fight them. Using power ups and boosts, you do all you can to destroy the hordes of oncoming bad guys which come at you from all sides, show up without warning and swarm to you like flies to honey.

Power ups appear every now and again, giving you the chance to tool up your ship with improved firepower (there's little modding on show here for you to abuse) and in all honesty, you have to be a bit smart with how you craft your attacks and when you look to try and save the humans who will be blasted out of their homes in the sky.

Swooping in you collect them and transport them to freedom for various rewards - but as with all of these styles of games, there is an end of the level boss to take on as well. Also, the game doesn't reward you for not shooting with a score multiplier increasing each time you blast the beejesus out of all and sundry. Stop for too long and that points ladder is swept from under you and you have to start all over again. A Voice keeps intoning to you the threats and rewards you get - and that's about as far as the interaction goes.

Resogun looks amazing in the PS4 environment - simply crafted graphics which glow and shimmer as the game play goes on suck you in and prove addictive. Boosts and an overpowerful weapon can be employed, but sense needs to prevail to pick the moment for maximum impact; boosting into the bad guys can also take them down.

Resogun is utterly addictive, completely entertaining and a welcome throwback to simple games which value playability over visual smarts and complexity. It's well worth seeking out as it may actually be one of the best things around on the PS4 - and I can guarantee that you'll lose plenty of time trying to beat this next gen shooter that's as impressive as it is simple.


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