Monday, 7 April 2014

Blackfish: DVD Review

Blackfish: DVD Review

Rating: M
Released by Madman Home Ent

Blackfish is not, as some may have you believe or fear, this year's The Cove

Whereas The Cove was an unsettling look at the slaughter of dolphins in Japan, this is a shocking expose of the corporate negligence and unbelievable head burying in the sand of SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. 

Focussing on the Orca Tilikum and the death, at his teeth, of trainer Dawn Brancheau, it's a stunning indictment of a company which pursues the lies and pushes the line that nothing's wrong with the Orca, which has now sired several other creatures within. 

Former trainers reveal the extent of their corporate brain washing and proffer up reasons for staying (to care for the animal) but no-one can avoid the core truth at the heart of this violence from the Orca. 

Purely and simply, it's about the captivity of the creature, the fact the male Orca is bullied by females and how neglect fuelled the inherent aggression within. 

It's a candid doco with a powerful message and a story simply told - but you shouldn't avoid this for fear of shots of animal cruelty. If anything, the humans are more badly treated than the captive creatures.


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