Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lego: The Hobbit: PS4 Review

Lego: The Hobbit: PS4 Review

Released by Travellers Tales
Format: PS4

And so, the LEGO train keeps on rolling.

This latest sees Peter Jackson's miniature heroes miniaturised even further, with an adventure that encapsulates the whole of the Hobbit films so far - with DLC promised for the final flick when it arrives.

Following the movie more or less word for word, the humour of the LEGO stories is there for all and sundry to keep up with - once again, you get to play the entire cast of the films as they try and free their kingdom from the wicked dragon Smaug.

The platformer has a few new touches this time around - particularly for the Hobbit. One of these is you get to pick up collectibles around the lego world to trade in to make bits for doors or hooks and keys which are needed - it's a nice touch which adds a bit more than the usual collect all the studs, minikits and other such items. The other new touch is a chance to buddy up with another player to smash items or to work as a team when it counts - again, it's a smart way to deepen the LEGO experience and one which suggests Travellers Tales isn't trying to rest on its mighty laurels. You also get to build LEGO models within the games, under a timer, to collect studs all together and this component is also in the LEGO Movie Videogame - it's one that requires a brief bit of getting used to, but adds a nice touch as you still get to "build" LEGO as it were.

The Hobbit has all the touches of the Tolkein game you'd expect and there's a sheen to it on the PS4 that makes it look flashy and cutesy. Particularly the opening sequences where Bilbo meets the dwarves one by one, (which are faithful to the film) but they have the kind of kiddie appeal that's hard to deny.

Minigames within, collecting bits and bobs - really the LEGO MO hasn't changed much with this title; the battles are a little larger and the chances to buddy up are a welcome relief. The crafting element has added to it as well, giving you a bit more to do, but all in all, the LEGO Hobbit doesn't deviate too far away from what it's supposed to - it brings fun and games to the LEGO world, mixes in a dash of Tolkein and provides an unexpected journey into fun over the Easter holidays.


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