Friday, 18 April 2014

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition: PS4 Review

Tomb Raider The Definitive Edition: PS4 Review

Released by Square Enix
Platform: PS4

Lara Croft's last adventure was a real doozy.

I can tell you that if you think this Lara Croft reboot isn't worth it, I will head over and kick your behind, because quite simply if you're a fan of gaming, then you really need to play this.

Setting out on her first expedition, Lara is bound for Japan, but nature intervenes and soon, she and a few other survivors find their way to a deserted island. As Lara investigates further, she finds herself drawn into an ancient civilisation and a prophecy. Cinematic and epic where it needs to be, this overlooked reboot is simply great gaming. It's got a depth of storytelling that works as well and successfully relaunches the Lara Croft franchise. Giving her a bow to use is a master-stroke and in just seconds, Square Enix has made her iconic again.

The game's been re-released and re-mastered for the PS4 too, with a definitive edition adding a pristine sheen to the overall feel of the product. While the remaster for the PS4 may have those who've already played it looking for spare cash, the upgrade is certainly worth it when it comes to the look and feel of the game.

It's a hell of a lot shinier and looks the part - the detail for the HD master is incredible and you may find yourself looking more at the hair than the surroundings. It's proof that the smaller details are the winnings of this game - and with the definition of Lara's face, there's certainly something to say for the work they've done.

All in all, with the Definitive edition coming with some DLC too, there's plenty to justify spending your pennies on this game - I'm really hoping there will be a sequel to come, because Tomb Raider is one of the most under-appreciated games of the current console - if you ever fancied playing Lara, now is the time to dive in. You won't be disappointed.

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