Friday, 4 April 2014

LuftRausers: PS3 Review

LuftRausers: PS3 Review

Released on PS3

Raus, raus - the shoot'em'up returns.

In monochrome fashion and without any real bells and whistles. But, by goodness, it's as awesome fun as 1942 was in the old arcade gaming days.

From the studio Vlambeer, all you have to do is a pilot a plane in a 2D environment and shoot down other planes heading your way and take out the boats which are helping launch them. Sounds simple, right? And it kind of is - but it's frustratingly addictive as you take to the skies.

Controls are easy - you push up to launch your plane, keep using up to ensure your plane doesn't begin to stall and press X to keep firing. You'll take damage (trust me, it's inevitable) and as your plane begins to combust around you, the only way to stop yourself exploding is to let go of the fire button and gradually you'll heal. The problem with that, is that once you do, you begin to be surrounded by other planes.

And herein lies the compelling nature of LuftRausers - you've gotta get them all....

Graphically, it's simple stuff, reminiscent of the old Asteroids sims in many ways with its browns and chromes helping giving it a feel of something a bit different. IT takes a little while to get used to the techniques of the craft and mastering flying, swooping and shooting, but once you do, it's rewarding to say the least.

As your skill levels improve, so does the game in some ways - customisation opens up, colour palettes change - it's all wonderfully well put together for a simple PSN game.

All in all, Luftrausers is a fun experience, one which won't last too long if you don't improve your skills, but certainly one which will have you coming back for more the moment the Game Over sign comes up.


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