Monday, 7 April 2014

The Deadly Ponies Gang: Movie Review

The Deadly Ponies Gang: Movie Review

Local doco / mockumentary, The Deadly Ponies Gang, a real blast of Kiwi fresh air.

Centring on best buddies Clint and Dwayne, who live in the fringes of West Auckland and who get around on horses (cos they're quick-er than cars as one remarks), it's the best ode to bromance I've seen in years.
Decking out their horses with bling and rolling like wannabe gangsters in places, Clint philosophizes and drops his way of life through the screen and a captive audience.

Director Zoe Mcintosh borders on parody with this duo but just manages to keep it on the right side of extremely humourous and totally heartfelt during the mockumentary style doco. The thing is that Clint and Dwayne are such larger than life characters, whether they're chasing chickens to tag or putting together a trophy with a glue gun to woo a potential girlfriend, they're pure cinema doco gold.

Add into the mix, a young kid Kody who's desperately trying to get into the gang (and who pimps his horse with a cardboard cut out car) and you've got all walks of life here.

When Clint announces that he's going to do a fundraiser to help his mate Dwayne get some teeth, it's perfectly in keeping with what's gone on before. Larrikins and proud Westies they may be, but they're nothing short of compelling doco subjects.

Zoe's film proffers up such belly laughs as we probe into their psyche but it's never anything more than a heartfelt salute to the colourful characters which inhabit the outer edges of Auckland - it's a riotous time at the movies and I really hope it gets a run after the festival, because there's a warmth and humanity in The Deadly Ponies Gang which is contagious and touching.

Plus, it's got teeth. Literally.

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