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Comedy Fest Q&A - Eli Matthewson

Comedy Fest Q&A - Eli Matthewson

Comedy Fest Q&A


1)Tell us the name of your show
Eli Matthewson’s Big Audition

2)Which came first – the show name or the show content?
If I’m honest the show name. I had a lot of different ideas of what it could be before I came to what I’m working on now.

3)C’mon, be honest….
I was I was!

4)Any other working titles for the show?
“Why why why, Eli-lah”

5)How long – honestly- have you been working on this?
A good few months! But only for small moments at a time, and then to be honest in the last week I pretty much threw most of it out and have started putting together a very different show. One that is way more fun than it was going to be, IMO.

6)What’s been the biggest challenge of pulling this show together?
Having made a lot of shows with my dear friend Hamish Parkinson (who has his own show, Party Party Fun Fun you should definitely see!) the thing I find the hardest is not having someone to bounce ideas off all the time. But to be honest I bounce my ideas off anyone in a close proximity who will listen (in other words: stay away!)

7)Who's your biggest comedy rival – and why?
I have to blame Rhys Mathewson for lots of people writing my name with one T. It has two bloody Ts! Makes it v hard to google myself.

8)Who's your biggest comedy friend – and why?
My aforementioned friend Hamish Parkinson is a true pal and a very funny dude. But I also have to shout out to everyone I do “Snort” with at the Basement Theatre. They are the best people.

9)Which show is your must see? Why?
Sam Simmons – Problems is a ridiculous but ridiculously good show. I saw it in Edinburgh and it’s my absolute top pick. I’m itching to see Chris Parker and Hailey Sproull’s new show too.

10) Give us your definition of a great night out during the festival
I stalk Chris Martin (certified babe comedian) around the Classic until he sees me and then we get Giapo

11) What goes through your mind, the minute before curtain goes up?
Have I peed enough times? Am I going to need to pee during the show?

12) What about when you’re on stage?
I’m running through all my favourite parts of “Shrek” at all times.

13) How easily distracted are you?
How many comedians do you know? As much as everyone. Heaps. This Q&A has been completed sporadically over a day.

14) Give us your dream comedy line up
The casts of Parks and Rec, Broad City and Brooklyn 99 do a stand-up show together. A bloody dream.

15) Just finally, where will you be in 5 years’ time
Instead of panicking looking at all my 25 year old friends with real jobs and sensible lives, I’ll be panicking and looking at all my 30 year old friends with better real jobs, and even more sensible lives. I also hope to have an iPhone 5s by then!

ELI MATTHEWSON performs his solo show ELI’S BIG AUDITION (AKL 26, 29 April – 3 May) and as part of the group SNORT WITH FRIENDS  (AKL every Friday during the festival) –all as part of the 2014 NZ International Comedy Festival in cahoots with Old Mout Cider 24 April – 18 May. For more info visit

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