Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Sly Trilogy: PS Vita Review

The Sly Trilogy: PS Vita Review

Released by Sucker Punch
Platform: PS Vita

Cartoony platformer Sly Cooper got a HD release a couple of years back with a wrap of all three of his games - and now it's time for these to be ported over to the PS Vita and the handheld crowd.

If you're not familiar with the game, then here's a basic overview - it's the story of Sly Cooper, a Raccoon who's got thieving in his blood thanks to the family heritage. On his adventures, he's assisted by Bentley, a turtle with brains, and Murray, a large hippo who's the brawn of the operation.

This trilogy collects together the adventures The Thievius Raccoonus, Band of Thieves and Honor Among Thieves, which sees Sly and the gang thrown into a series of capers and puzzles that you'll need all your wits to survive and succeed at.

It's all about stealth as you guide Sly around the various puzzles and baddies lurking in each game, with many ending up with a fight with a level end boss - but within each game, there's plenty to keep you amused and mini games for Bentley and Murray to be involved in as well.

Visually, the port is an impressive move across with the OLED screen giving it the vibrancy that this comic cartoon needs - the colours are bright and bountiful and look like they've slipped off the pages of a comic or a comic book on TV.

Unsurprisingly, the touch pad's also come into use for the VITA - with the backscreen being used for maps and the front to fire things and bring up Bentley's binoculars. It fits into the gaming and doesn't require too much fiddling from you to try and work it in, and with handhelds that's always a bonus.

Overall, the Sly Trilogy is a good fit for the VITA - it offers fun and thrills as well as silliness aplenty. The raccoon's there for enjoyment and the cartoon-like nature of the game means that it will appeal to all ages.


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