Friday, 18 April 2014

Fez: PS4 Review

Fez: PS4 Review

Released on PS4
By Polytron

It's all about perspective in Fez.

And what a cute little platformer this is for the HD world - even if its graphics and feel are somewhat retro.

You play Gomez, a kind of cat like creature, who lives within a flat world. But one day, he's visited by a cube who tells him there is more to life than just this dimension and gives him a 3D perspective on the world. But that vision comes with a price as there are 32 cubes scattered in pieces throughout this world which need restoring to some kind of completion. And gifted a fez, Gomez sets out on his quest.

However, now the world is a new place to explore and using the R1/ L1 buttons, you can shift a 2D landscape into a 3D one, meaning previously unassailable ledges and doors suddenly become more accessible. It's all about angles and using your brains to think a problem through laterally.

Fez may not be the most impressive of games when it comes to graphics, but it makes up for it with its playability. The more cubes you collect, the more worlds open up for exploration, gifting you the chance to enjoy the 3D and prolonging the game's lifespan. Occasionally, jumping proves difficult as you have to be incredibly precise in your movements or it's curtains - and the map facility of the game is puzzlingly head scratching to use, which seems a bit nuts given this is a game about exploration.

Fez benefits from being relatively cheap in the PSN store and manages to engage you by putting a different spin on the usual platformer. It's a game that challenges, makes you think and its imagination deserves to be applauded.


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