Thursday, 10 April 2014

Titanfall: Xbox One Review

Titanfall: Xbox One Review

Released by EA Games
Platform: XBox One

It's not often that two words can describe a game

But when it comes to Titanfall, those two words are: simply stunning

The first person multiplayer shooter from Respawn entertainment is a thrill from the moment it starts up.

Fast paced and needing your full attention, this six on six multiplayer game serves up thrills from the early training phases through to the action combat of the game.

You are a pilot of one of these big beasts which hurtle around combat arenas. To start with you are trained on the basics of combat, running, jumping, vaulting along walls and generally impressing yourself

But it's when you get a big robot to play in that things get truly fun. An extension of the player, the robot can do all you can but in a beefier outer shell. Imagine being a transformer and that should give you some scope of what it's like

It's only multiplayer though so to get the real benefits you need to be able to go online - and it's once that's done, the game begins to grow in scope

Blasting things, multi kills with one target and simply wreaking havoc is incredibly addictive - almost a rush in many ways as you fight on

Through various game elements( catch the flag,et al) there's plenty of simple depth to get thrown into. Training is brief and to the point whereas combat can be frantic and engaging

It's quite simply the kind of FPS action that really begs you to be part of it and rewards you for your time. In terms of what Titanfall does for slick FPS action in an online environment, it's definitely a game changer - if you own an XBox One, you cannot afford to miss this - it's a game that keeps you coming back, makes you realise you're sucked in and then gives you one of the best gaming experiences you've ever had.


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