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Headhunters: DVD Review

Headhunters: DVD Review

Rating: R16
Released by Vendetta Films

There seems to be just something about the Scandanavian and Norwegian region which breeds thrillers with a slightly skewed take on the world. And that continues with the Headhunters Movie.

It's the world which brought us Stieg Larsson and of course, the superb TV series, The Killing. The latest from top author Jo Nesbo stars Aksel Hennie (whom you may remember from Max Manus) as Roger Brown, a seemingly together guy who has it all; a beautiful blonde wife who adores him, a top headhunting job which sees him one of the leading within his industry - and a multi million dollar house.

And yet - he's living beyond his means and stealing art on the side to make ends meet.

At a gallery opening, he's introduced to Clas Greve (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones), a potentially perfect candidate for a new job but also who has one of the most sough after paintings in the modern art world.

Naturally, with creditors snapping at his heels, Brown can't resist - however, his greed gets the better of him and soon he finds himself in way deeper than he thought - and potentially fatally out of his depth. Classy, sleeky put togeher and slyly funny in places, Headhunters is a truly fresh piece of film in a genre which has essentially become crowded and cluttered with unoriginality.

There's deceit and paranoia in spades here as Brown suspects everyone and as the web weaves itself tighter - but despite taut direction, the script doesn't allow itself to get too overtly serious with moments of bizarre humour thrown in completely unexpectedly.

Hennie is great at keeping us grounded as the plot spirals a little into lunacy with a well rounded performance which is plausible and compellingly watchable throughout. Headhunters is, at every turn, not what you'd think it is - it's a refreshingly good and smartly put together intense Nordic crime flick which is a welcome treat thanks to unexpected twists and turns.

And it also has one of the worst toilet scenes since Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting...

Extras: Featurette behind the scenes


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