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Sick of Myself: NZIFF Review

Sick of Myself: NZIFF Review

The utterly ghastly world of narcissism is given a scythe through with this Norwegian film that's about a horrifically competitive relationship.

Kristine Kujath Thorp stars as Signe, one half of a relationship with self-absorbed boyfriend artist wannabe Thomas (Erik Saether).

When we first meet the duo, Thomas is plotting to steal a $2300 bottle of red wine from a restaurant. As he makes off with the crime, Signe stands on the street dulled by the fact the waiter that's just served them has ignored her.

Signe gets her chance to take some of the spotlight back for herself when she helps a victim of a dog attack at her cafe. Enlivened by the limelight and desperate for more, Signe decides to consume vast quantities of a banned drug that has dangerous side effects...

Sick of Myself: NZIFF Review

Sick of Myself is scabrous, dark, funny and disturbing.

While it feels a little at times like the joke is wearing thin, the levels director Kristoffer Borgli is prepared to go to are shocking in extremis.

Thorp and Saether make for a grotesque couple with both proving game enough for what's required, but equally enough to let each other's acting shine. 

The tart comedy is as black as it comes, with flashbacks showing the lengths Signe will go to, and an examination of how victim culture has gone too far. It's bleak viewing in parts, and a lack of a real dive into Signe's psyche is both shallow writing but ultimately compelling viewing.

There are as many laugh-out-loud moments as there are shocking ones in Sick of Myself. For those who like their comedy dark, this is as black as the night comes, but it shines a bright light on the self-obsessed and the lengths people will go to in the Insta-TikTok famous culture we now reside in.

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